SOA Security Risks

There are several technology trends that push the development and adoption of distributed systems. Probably most discussed are "Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)" and "Software as a Service (SaaS)".

SOA is often advertised as a great means to standardize business processes within a corporation. The business processes are herefore divided into (reusable) subprocesses which eventually are digitally implemented as "IT Services". The promoter of this method believe that SOA is good way to replace these (old legacy) monolithic IT systems.

One of the unique new characteristics of SOA (when compared to other distributed computing paradigms (such as RMI, CORBA, RPC…) is that SOA services can be dynamically located. The oponents of SOA however consider this dynamicity as the death of current best testing practices, because you basically abandon system integration testing, because the "integration", i.e. the calling context, is not known before deployment time.

Another point of criticism is that (due to limited resources and skills) most implementations do not have information on pre and post-conditions for service calls. As a consequence, if you really wanted reliability and security, every called service needs to make enough checks to induce the trust level that it needs in the current calling context. Of course this is not feasible due to restricted development resources and later due to restricted computing resources.

Compare this to your SAP system or old RACF protected mainframe system where the trust boundaries are at least clear and you can take appropriate actions because the trust assumptions are static.

The author believes that the dynamicity and the lack of notion of trust boundaries in the SOA concept will eventually reduce the security of SOA based systems (because most system developments take a short cut and abandon the tedious trust establishment).

Don't believe me? Ask your system architect where the trust boundaries are for the new SOA services that she is developing.

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