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Site refresh

OSA has an updated template and new CMS thanks to Chris. We have plans for a secure data centre pattern shortly, and will be refreshing the site structure and content in the coming months.

Stay tuned.

Declassified 1970 US DoD cybersecurity document still relevant

Just read a great article on Art Technica covering a 1970 DoD analysis of computer system vulnerabilities...

Flashback: Declassified 1970 US DoD cybersecurity document still relevant

I like it for a couple of reasons, firstly that the analysis is precise and concise, abstracting away the irrelevant items and focussing on the immutable aspects that stay true over time. Secondly that the overview diagram is highly reminiscent of the approach we use at OSA. Judge for yourself :)


DoD vulnerabilities analysis

Yep...still slow going

Just to let you know that we are still alive and this project has not died. We have some new ideas to reinvigorate...

Stay tuned....

Slow progress of late

We are still here (thanks to those of you who've written to check)....however the core team have been busy on other projects (and their day jobs)....which all in all has meant slow progress.

Time waits for no man, and there is obviously an awful lot happening in the security world of late with a large number of high profile attacks (iCloud Celebrity photos and JP Morgan are the latest as I write this). We plan some updates to the site this Autumn and Winter (from a Northern hemisphere perspective).

We've got some new ideas for patterns and and a number of developments on tools and methodology. Want to help? Get in touch at the usual address- info@open......

Thanks, OSA Core Team

New icon- White Hat

We've added a new icons to the 13_02 set for an upcoming PCI pattern. We now have a White Hat to represent an ethical 'hacker' (I place it in quotes as the term originally meant computer user who hacked together code quickly to achieve a given objective, and has somewhat changed meaning in recent years), a.k.a Pen Tester.

The black/white hat took it's inspiration from the Mad Spy vs Spy comic, a firm favourite when I was younger, especially the rather good game on the C64 :-)

As usual the icon has been added to the icon library as SVG and PNG, and is included into the icons packs