ISO and COBIT mapping

I've spent the last couple of days adding ISO17799 and COBIT mappings to the controls catalog. If you check any of the controls you will now see the mapping details at the bottom. You can also search for ISO or COBIT references using the search function in the menu bar to return a list of controls if you want to do a reverse lookup!

In the coming week I will also generate a table that lists controls and mappings in a single table.

We've been meaning to do this for a while now, but it's taken some time, as it made sense to get the underlying controls into a database so we can easily add mappings in future and regenerate the catalog really fast. Now the control catalog is in the database we can start to consider some neat tricks with web services and client side queries, which would allow us to start thinking about browser based design tools.

If you have any thoughts on additional mappings, or ways we could develop in the coming months let us know.