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Which actors for which controls?

I'm working at the moment on the Client and Server modules. These form the foundations of the OSA pattern library as they will be used and referenced many times. It's taking time to get these modules rights which is slowing progress.

Why are they hard to build?

  • We are still trying to decide on the best set of actors to use; CLASP or ITIL v3. I think I prefer ITIL v3 but there are almost too many and it's hard to decide which ones to use.
  • When you have the actors in place you need to figure out which controls relate to which actors...this is not always obvious and makes me realise how much trial and error there is in many organisation structures.
  • The client and server modules have many controls (100+) and the sheer number means that it takes a long session to get anything meaningful accomplished.

I hope to have more to report by the end of the week, with finalised patterns posted.