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Summary of recent changes to the site

Below a short summary of recent changes on the Open Security Architecture website:

- We published 3 more patterns during the past few weeks
-> Wireless: Using a managed access point to access private network
-> Wireless- Using a public hotspot to access a private network
-> Public Web Server

- We wrote a guide on how to author your own OSA pattern.

- There's again a revised security architecture landscape, reflecting your recent feedback

- We cleaned up the menu structure

Feedback is more than welcome, best way to give feedback is via the BB discussion forum.
Best regards,
the OSA core team

New patterns

I am pleased to say there are a few new patterns available in the library:

  • Public webserver that covers a typical tier hosting environment for a web application or service
  • Private wireless for a corporate LAN environment where you want to extend the use of the LAN through your buildings for staff members
  • Remote access to corporate private network from a public wireless access point or hotspot such as your favorite cafe or book store.

We are looking to complete a few more patterns by the end of August. What are the pressing problems you want solved? Tell us in the forum and we'll get to work.... with a bit of help from you of course:-)

Update the control icons on patterns

Talking with Aurelius during the week, and he showed an updated version of the control labels on patterns that includes some descriptive text.

This seemed to work much better on the pattern, and made the whole item more immediately comprehensible. I plan to update the template, and will post a link once it's done for feedback. If it looks positive then we can rework the rest of the patterns so far.

OpenID support

I've enabled OpenID support on the site so you can now login with your Open ID instead of having to register with us. Please let us know if you have any trouble. Need an Open ID provider? Try who have a nice and easy service. There are plenty of other providers out there and if you have an account with Google, Yahoo, or some other big player you probably already have an ID.

Draft Pattern: SOA internal usage

The sequel to the "SOA: publication and location" has now been uploaded in draft state. Would be great if you could comment in the discussion forum. Regards Aurelius