February 2011 Open Security Architecture Newsletter

February 2011 Open Security Architecture Newsletter

Please find a short summary of recent changes on the Open Security Architecture website.


We have just finalised the DMZ pattern.
This pattern is a standard module that will be reused within the pattern library.

There is a near final draft of the Board of Directors Room pattern.
This pattern gives a solution for secure collaboration on highly sensitive materials such as financial reporting and board minutes.

There is an initial draft of Industrial Control Systems pattern.
This pattern is a first in this area, and we are really please to have been able to collaborate with Industrial Control System experts to ensure that the quality is high for this first draft. If this is an area you have experience in we'd welcome comments.

A secure audit trails pattern is being started.

Mappings and Icons
You can now download the entire catalog and mappings as a database that can be imported into MySQL or any other DBMS of your choice.
More info here: http://www.opensecurityarchitecture.org/cms/library/0802control-catalogue/266-08-02-controls-catalog-sql-export

The icon packs and templates have been updated to add a couple of new icons and correct an SVG rendering bug under Chrome.

We aim to add a PCI-DSS v2 mapping to the catalog shortly.
Do you have other ideas for the roadmap? Let us know at info at opensecurityarchitecture.org

All work from contributors is always credited to the originator.

We always appreciate feedback on progress, and further improvements you want to see.
If you think OSA could be useful for your contacts please pass on the word.

Best regards
The OSA core team

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We highly appreciate all contributions and donations
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