Pattern Template

Patterns are at the heart of OSA. They bring together a number of elements in order to show how the practitioner can solve a specific architectural problem with a known quality solution. The elements are:

  • Description of the pattern including strategic intent or considerations.
  • When to use, and when not to use.
  • A diagram that show the architectural relationship of the main components, with annotated control references.
  • A list of the controls referenced with links to the catalog.
  • Some additional attributes to record the version, authors and so on.

Naturally we encourage you to create and share additional use cases for your industry! If you need guidance on writing your own pattern please see the guide.

To make this easier we have a standard pattern template that you can edit in Open Office or your preferred HTML editor (such as gedit). We also have a diagram template in SVG format that you can use with vector packages such as Inkscape (remember to download the icon pack too). (Release 11.02 patterns pack including HTML and SVG templates)