OSA Life Cycle

The OSA community has not yet decided on the primary reference model in terms of SDLC (Solution/System/Software Development Life Cycle).

The main requirements that influence the choice of the SDLC reference model are:

  • The model must have (at least and extension that offers) an adequate covering of security controls.
  • The model must be publicly available (without costly corporate membership rates)
  • The model must be used across several industries/countries
  • The model must NOT be driven/owned by a single company (e.g. vendor)

The currently considered models are:

  • ISO/IEC 15288, System Life Cycle Processes
  • IEEE STD 1220, Application and Management of the Systems Engineering Process
  • ISO/IEC 21827, Systems Security Engineering Capability Maturity Model (SSE-CMM)
  • ITIL

The above listed models represent a very wide range of model types and hence it maybe difficult to compare against each other.

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The definition for the term SDLC framework is (as listed also in the glossary page): An SDLC framework defines on a high abstraction level which processes are needed to achieve a given set of system qualities. It hence also defines the actors and puts the SDLC processes into the context of related processes (like project management, architectural governance, etc).