OSA Actors

In OSA patterns we refer to a number of generic roles, we call them actors. To ensure the consistency between the patterns we collect the description of these actors centrally.

The definition for the term actor is (as listed also in the glossary page):
"An actor is a prototypical business role. In an attempt to create a simple actor model, aspects of different business roles can also be combined into one actor. OSA patterns visualize with actors, the set of responsibility that can be assigned to a prototypical role, in a given setup."

Click on the preview picture to download the current draft of the actor model.


Before establishing the above actor model we were evaluating whether there are other reference models that could be used. The evaluation of the potential reference model was subject to the following requirements:

  • The model must have security relevant actors
  • The model must be publicly available (without costly corporate membership rates)
  • The model must be used across several industries/countries
  • The model must NOT be driven/owned by a single company

Our evaluation shoed that the following models could have been taken as a reference:

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