SP-009: Generic Pattern


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Legend: Generic OSA pattern that depicts all control families on an abstracted computing environment.

Description: The intention of this pattern is to show how the major control families apply to the computing environment. It aims to help familiarise people with the control families, and can provide a useful basis for thinking about security problems. This pattern can be used as the basis for other patterns. Users must authenticate in some manner to the systems they utilise. Server resources are managed to meet service level agreements. New services are periodically released into the environment. Existing services are maintained and decommissioned.

Assumptions: All computing systems are accessed from some form of user interface to a client. The client can connect to resources provided by a host across some form of network. Hosts can act as clients and servers to communicate. This model echoes the original design goals of TCP/IP where the intelligence is placed into the end point, and application layer of the network stack, and the network simply transfers data packets.

Typical challenges: not applicable.

Indications: not applicable.

Contra-indications: not applicable.

Resistance against threats: not applicable.

References: not applicable.

Related patterns: not applicable.

Classification: not applicable.

Release: 08.02

Authors: Spinoza

Reviewer(s): Claudio, Aurelius

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